Top 10 Vintage Anthologies

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A list of our favorite vintage anthologies.

My Book HouseMy Book House
by Olive Beaupre Miller
Volume 1: In the Nursery
Volume 2: Story Time
Volume 3: Up One Pair of Stairs
Volume 4: Through the Gate
Volume 5: Over The Hills
Volume 6: Through Fairy Halls
Volume 7: The Magic Garden
Volume 8: Flying Sails
Volume 9: The Treasure Chest
Volume 10: In Shining Armor
Volume 11: From the Tower Window
Volume 12: Halls of Fame

A Picturesque Tale of ProgressA Picturesque Tale of Progress
by Olive Beaupre Miller
Volume 1: Beginnings 1
Volume 2: Beginnings 2
Volume 3: Conquests 1
Volume 4: Conquests 2
Volume 5: New Nations 1
Volume 6: New Nations 2
Volume 7: Explorations 1
Volume 8: Explorations 2
Volume 9: Index

The Childrens HourThe Childrens Hour
by Marjorie Barrows
Volume 1: First Story Book
Volume 2: Favorite Fairy Tales
Volume 3: Old Time Favorites
Volume 4: Caravan of Fun
Volume 5: Best-Loved Poems
Volume 6: Stories of Today
Volume 7: Favorite Mystery Stories
Volume 8: Myths and Legends
Volume 9: From Many Lands
Volume 10: School and Sport
Volume 11: Along Blazed Trails
Volume 12: Stories of Long Ago
Volume 13: Roads to Adventure
Volume 14: Favorite Animal Stories
Volume 15: Leaders and Heroes
Volume 16: Science Fiction & Reader's Guide

The Young Folks LibraryThe Young Folks Library
by Thomas J. Shahan
Volume 1: The Book of Famous Myths and Legends
Volume 2: The Animal Story Book
Volume 3: A Book of Famous Fairy Tales
Volume 4: The Merry Maker
Volume 5: Stories of School and College Days
Volume 6: A Book of Brave Deeds
Volume 7: The Book of Adventure
Volume 8: Tales of Fantasy
Volume 9: A Book of Famous Explorers
Volume 10: The Story Teller

The Young Folks Shelf of Books: CollierThe Young Folks Shelf of Books: Collier's The Junior Classics
by Mabel Williams, Marcia Dalphin
Volume 1: A,B,C: Go!
Volume 2: Once Upon a Time
Volume 3: Magic in the Air
Volume 4: Just Around the Corner
Volume 5: In Your Own Backyard
Volume 6: Gifts from the Past
Volume 7: Legends of Long Ago
Volume 8: Roads to Greatness
Volume 9: Call of Adventure
Volume 10: Harvest of Holidays

Bookshelf for Boys and GirlsBookshelf for Boys and Girls
by The University Society
Volume 1: Nursery Favorites Old and New
Volume 2: Happy Hours in Storyland
Volume 3: Folk and Fairy Tales
Volume 4: Stories and Songs from Many Lands
Volume 5: Things to Make and Things to Do
Volume 6: Art and Music
Volume 7: Nature and Science
Volume 8: Bookland Classics
Volume 9: Great Events and Famous People
Volume 10: Bookshelf Parents' Guide/Index

Journeys Through Bookland: Volumes 1-10Journeys Through Bookland: Volumes 1-10
by Charles H. Sylvester

Childcraft: The How and Why LibraryChildcraft: The How and Why Library
by W. F. Quarrie & Company, former publishers of the World Book Encyclopedia
Volume 1. Poems and Rhymes
Volume 2. Stories and Fables
Volume 3. Children Everywhere
Volume 4. World and Space
Volume 5. About Animals
Volume 6. How Things Work
Volume 7. How We Get Things
Volume 8. What People Do
Volume 9. Holidays and Customs
Volume 10. Places to Know
Volume 11. Make and Do
Volume 12. Look and Learn
Volume 13. Look Again
Volume 14. About Me
Volume 15. Guide for Parents

Book TrailsBook Trails
Edited by Renee b Stern
Volumes 1 & 2: For Baby Feet
Volumes 3 & 4: Through the Wildwood
Volumes 5 & 6: To Enchanted Lands
Volumes 7 & 8: On The Highroad To Adventure

Through Golden WindowsThrough Golden Windows
by Nora Fenner, Phyllis Leary, Bernice E. Reely, Mary Katharine Smith, Dora Beust
Volume 1: Mostly Magic
Volume 2: Fun and Fantasy
Volume 3: Wonderful Things Happen
Volume 4: Adventures Here and There
Volume 5: Good Times Together
Volume 6: Children Everywhere
Volume 7: Stories of Early America
Volume 8: American Backgrounds
Volume 9: Wide Wonderful World
Volume 10: Man and His World

A list of our favorite vintage anthologies.

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