Art Prints for Charlotte Mason Homeschoolers

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These prints were taken from the AO Art Prints Yahoo group and re-formatted to print as 8×10 photos from Walgreens. You can order the prints directly from Walgreens for pick up at your local store. If you’re not in a rush Walgreens often has sales and at least several times per year there are 40-50% off 8×10 prints.

This page will be updated as more artists are added.

By Historical Time Period:

1267-1337 Giotto di Bondone
1475-1564 Michelangelo Buonarroti
1497-1543 Hans Holbein the Younger
1577-1640 Peter Paul Rubens
1599-1660 Diego Velazquez
1748-1825 Jacques-Louis David
1776-1837 John Constable
1796-1875 Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot
1834-1903 James McNeill Whistler
1836-1910 Winslow Homer
1844-1926 Mary Cassatt

By AO Term:

Read more about Ambleside Online’s artist rotation on their website.

2016-2017 TERM 1 Mary Cassatt
2016-2017 TERM 2 Giotto di Bondone
2016-2017 TERM 3 James McNeill Whistler

2017-2018 TERM 1 Peter Paul Rubens
2017-2018 TERM 2 Winslow Homer
2017-2018 TERM 3 Michelangelo Buonarroti

2018-2019 TERM 1 John Constable
2028-2029 TERM 2 Diego Velazquez
2029-2030 TERM 1 Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot
2029-2030 TERM 2 Jacques-Louis David
2029-2030 TERM 3 Hans Holbein the Younger